Sonido Tupinamba

Born in the Argentinian Andes and settled in Barcelona. Sonido Tupinamba is a cultural agitator, Disc-Jockey and Radio Host at and Radio Primavera Sound.
She started DJing when she was sixteen in her hometown of Mendoza, being at the time one of the few female artists in the scene.

Once established in Barcelona she began her musical journey at different venues and cultural centers in the city.
Inspired by the exotic roots and rhythms of African and Latin American music, Tupinamba mixes tropical influences with disco, funk, boogie and house grooves. Her sessions are eclectic and vibrant, transporting the audience into different eras and places. She creates the perfect soundtrack for every moment and the perfect mood for every occasion. Her sets are always glamorous and festive, whether the sounds take you to the Caribbean, a night out in Manhattan or an adventure in Africa.

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