Paris Combo

Six albums and two decades spent criss-crossing the globe, playing to enthusiastic audiences from Sydney to San Francisco and Berlin to Beijing, have enabled Paris Combo to create an international following with their unique, cosmopolitan sound. Fronted by the charismatic vocals of chanteuse Belle du Berry, the combo have struck a chord with critics and audiences alike with their fun-loving mix of swinging gypsy jazz, cabaret, French pop and Latino and Middle Eastern rhythms.

Tako Tsubo – the title of Paris Combo’s new album – is the scientific term for what we mortals might call “broken-heart syndrome”. For singer Belle du Berry, the phrase offers a jumping-off point: a chance to explore, through music, the connection between our emotional and physical self.

Despite the sometimes bumpy emotional terrain du Berry traverses through her lyrics, the band’s signature sound is an ebullient, upbeat blend of vintage jazz, swing and pop-cabaret. But perhaps the songs that linger longest in the memory are those that induce reverie rather than revelry.

Belle du Berry – Vocals, Potzi – Guitar, Francois Jeannin – Drums/Vocals, David Lewis – Trumpet/Piano Benoît Dunoyer de Segonzac – double.