At PLAI #accessibleculture is one of our core beliefs, and we want for everyone to enjoy the festival events the same way. We know how important accessibility is for people with disabilities, that’s why every year we are working hard to make PLAI as accessible as possible. For instance, THE WORLD BARN stage has a podium especially equipped for people with physical disabilities.

We are also very proud and happy to have social partners who are working for the rights of people with disabilities, and who have a real impact on our society.

Ceva de Spus are PLAI partners since 2012

Asociația Națională a Surzilor din România (A.N.S.R.) are PLAI partners since 2017.

People with disabilities have free access at PLAI. In order to receive free access you can get in touch with these two organziations, Ceva de spus ( or A.N.S.R (with a message on their Facebook page), and they will make sure you will get free access. Or you can come with the certificate of disability directly to the festival and you will receive free access.