Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra

Traditionally, in China, old music has a sacred load, almost ritualic. It is the ultimate way of communicating that has the ability to bring harmony between man, earth and sky, between human and divine, between contemporary man and his ancestors.

Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra is composed of 11 genuine musicians, classically formed as a band – brought together both by the outstanding virtuosity which they have in common and the shared sensibility with which they interpret elements of Chinese folk music.

Conservatory studies, traditional instruments, fresh rhythms and an accessible musical language, clear – all of these give charm to any ensemble concert. Their repertoire includes delicate folk love songs, songs of sorrow, songs that evoke China’s spectacular valleys in the mountains or idyllic spring paintings, songs, percussion and recited passages.

Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra will perform at the PLAI Festival Timisoara on Saturday, September 17.