Motion House

Founded in 1988 by Louise Richards and Kevin Finnan MBE, it creates world class dance-circus productions that tour extensively to rave reviews across the globe. From full-length productions for theatre touring to flexible work for the outdoors and large-scale performance events, our sell-out productions integrate athletic physicality, powerful narrative, incredible digital imagery and emotive sound scores.

Kevin Finnan is known for his dynamic, visual productions that integrate dance, acrobatic elements and digital technology. He was the choreographer of the Paralympic Games in London in 2012, he created works to celebrate the cultural capitals of Aarhus, Copenhagen and Marseilles-Provence being a true visionary of the theater-dance scene.

For his entire contribution to dancing, Kevin Finnan was decorated by the Queen of England as "Member of the Order of the British Empire."

Unfold Motion

Unfold Motion is the only contemporary dance company in Timisoara, Romania. Since its inception in 2013 by Lavinia Urcan, choreographer and artistic director, the company has collaborated with artists from various fields: dance, theater, music, design and visual arts. Also, Unfold Motion is actively involved in the cultural scene in Timisoara and in the country.

Currently, Unfold Motion's activities are centered around: the creation, production, distribution and promotion of the company's artistic activity. Organizing educational activities for different target groups (courses, workshops, dance laboratories), artistic residencies organized by the company, international art projects and residencies. As well as the cultural and artistic development of the community, in cooperation with various socio-artistic partners.

Asociația Culturală TGP - Talent, Generozitate, Pasiune

What started in 2005 with a weekend among friends singing gospel music has brought together hundreds of amateurs sharing an ever increasing passion: music as a catalyst for change and social inclusion. Our choristers are pupils, students and retirees, doctors and teachers, laborers and housewives.

There are no auditions, no preselections, no fees. Everyone is welcome. Many have never played before. And as we are not a permanent group, but we are launching an enrollment call for each project, we always manage to turn a diverse group of 80-120 people into a community.

We believe that diversity is a power, and we try to bring this idea to the edges as well as in the midst of society.


The Cultural-Educational Association MELOPOLIS carries out cultural and educational activities and implements projects in the sphere of musical education, organizes interactive musical workshops using creative recycling and promotes through its actions the experiential learning of children.

Prin Banat

The PRIN BANAT Association's mission is to document and promote local values and to encourage cultural tourism in the region of Banat (which today extends to Romania, Serbia and Hungary).

Among the most important initiatives of the association are the editorial project Prin Banat and Heritage of Timişoara (Timişoara Patrimony) - cultural project of cultural intervention in the historical districts of the town.

Tango Timisoara

The Tango Timişoara Association is a humanitarian, non-governmental, independent, nonprofit, apolitical and democratic organization whose main purpose is to promote, support, realize and coordinate activities that contribute to the development of Argentinean tango at local and national level as a form of complete art.

The Tango Timisoara Association supports, promotes and leads to the growth of a community of art, music and Argentinean dance enthusiasts, organizing periodic, cultural events, with the main theme - the Argentinean tango present in multiple art forms (music, dance, photography, painting, fashion design, graphic design).

The Tango Timisoara Association pays special attention to the integration of certain categories of people, elderly people with social needs, in a new community - with cultural concerns that bring together music and dance.


International Students Organization of Timișoara (ISOT), is a nongovernmental (NGO), non-profit, non-political and an independent organization. The Association is seeking to promote Student’s rights, improve their quality of education, support diversity and establish equality between the students all under the values of integrity.

ISOT is the potential voice of international students within the university and the local community, bringing diversity together with mutual respect and tolerance towards this multicultural and interesting social and academic experience.

The important social aspect of ISOT focuses on the integration of the international community with the Romanian one, offering both communities the opportunity to expand their intellectual horizons and to discover the world in a single city, Timişoara. Benefiting from both communities, ISOT provides international students with an opportunity to develop local community.


A group of actors, writers, designers, social workers and youth workers with diverse artistic and social experience and management. We are united by our belief that we can make a difference around us.

The Solidart Association acquired legal personality in July 2017 but it has been working as an informal group for over two years. Thus, the acquisition of legal personality has come as a response to the need for team members to develop complex projects within this framework.

Solidart's goal is to create the framework for a constructive dialogue between people, to participate in the formation of solid, responsible and conscious communities, to provide members of these communities with confidence to engage actively in community life by organizing artistic, cultural, social and educational projects.

Verde pentru Biciclete

With the thought at the city of the future and inspired by successful international models, Verde pentru Biciclete’s goal is to promote the bicycle as an active and healthy lifestyle and to support and defend the rights and interests of cyclists by mediating dialogue between citizens and local authorities .

Whether we are talking about going to work, school, shopping, meeting with friends, and enjoying walks through the city or the surrounding area - the bicycle is by far the most appreciated and used alternative means of transport worldwide.

We believe that protecting the environment is vital to a harmonious life, but we also see the more pragmatic side of things, so we take into account the speed, cost and comfort of an efficient means of transport for personal use but also for the whole community.

Verde pentru Biciclete is a call for action, it’s a state of mind.

Ceva de Spus

Ceva de Spus Association is the only self-representation organization in Romania that has members (including leadership) with physical and intellectual disabilities. The Association is made up exclusively of people with disabilities and has the following three main objectives:

1. Society accessibility, which not only means ramps and elevators, but also helpful elements for the blind or the deaf, easily understandable / readable information for people with intellectual disabilities, etc.

2. De-institutionalization and promotion of community life. Currently, 18,000 people with intellectual disabilities live in Romania in inhuman conditions, abused in state residential institutions where they have no right to decide on any aspect of their life. We want these people to live in the community, to be useful to the community and to have a decent life.

3. Community awareness both on the difficulties faced by people with disabilities and on the skills they have. We want a society where people with disabilities are not looked at mercilessly but as citizens with equal rights.