Phase 2018 consists of activating the former port of Timisoara by creating a personalized production using the story of the city.

In order to stage the production, a structure will be built on the site of the former Solventul refueling plant, where over 300 people (professionals and amateur volunteers) will perform a show. The entire structure will be video mapped, the actors constantly interacting with the graphic content. Two 80 and 130T cranes for aerial acrobatics, video mapping, barges, boats and other technical elements will be used for the project to create a spectacular performance with local human resource.

The artistic content of the program in 2018 will be created with the participation of Unfold Motion (RO, TM), Asociatia Culturala Kratima (RO, TM), Asociatia Culturala TGP (RO, TM – the coordinator for music volunteers) and Asociatia Tango Timisoara.

The artistic coordinator is Kevin Finnan, choreographer and movement director of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, founder and artistic director of Motion House company.

The music is written by composer Sophy Smith in collaboration with local musicians and graphic content for video mapping is made by the Basque company, Logela.

Phase 2018 also benefits from support and involvement from: Prin Banat, Cries, Solidart, I.S.O.T, Melopolis, Ceva de Spus, Verde pentru Biciclete, Universitatea de Vest Timișoara and Symme3D.

The preparation of the first phase began in 2017 when study visits were held in Denmark, France and England where external partners were selected and continued with meetings in Timisoara, bringing them together with the local organizations involved, to define the work environment.

The development program for this year is:

February 2018
Concept development and meetings between Motion House and the local community
Collection of information on the personal experiences of the city's inhabitants

March – April 2018
Conceiving the narrative draft outline

May 2018
Meetings to complete the storyline

June 2018
Music and dance rehearsals with the local community

July 2018
Music and dance rehearsals with the local community

August 2018
Start implementing the arrangement in the former port area

September 2018
Arrangement of the port for the show
Music and dance rehearsals with the local community

October 2018
Final rehearsals